Exactly What Is An Anxiety Disorder?

Everybody feels worried or nervous sometimes. The anxiety can be quite helpful especially if it warns us of danger or motivates us. On the other hand, an anxiety disorder causes unhelpful or unexpected anxiety that impacts our lives in a serious way including how we act, feel, and think. What Is An anxiety Disorder? If [...]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And How To Deal With It

If you have been in war, a violent event or any other traumatic situation and are dealing with post traumatic stress disorder, you know just how difficult this can be. When you want to move forward past this sort of condition, it will require you to learn all about post traumatic stress disorder, in order [...]

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7 Tips For Managing Stress To Improve Your Life

Stress is a normal part of life. It's actually healthy in small doses. However, with all that comes along with life, it can be quite stressful if we allow it to. If you find yourself feeling super stressed out and aren't sure what to do, you are in luck. There are many things you can [...]

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Quick Tips to Improve your Mood

The following tips are brief and basic but are very effective even if you do one of them per day, or you do one or more when you are feeling down: You might find some of these more attractive to you than others. 1. Interact/socialise with people (or pets), particularly people you enjoy being around. [...]

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Basic Tips for Managing Depression

Depression lasts longer than sadness and the blues, and commonly reduces one’s pleasure in life and is more disabling than mere sadness. Clinical depression is the term often used to describe depression that impairs a person’s functioning and quality of life. The cause of depression is a matter of debate but generally speaking it is [...]

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Depression

As we live in one of the most stressful decades, it should not come as a surprise that the stress and anxiety levels of individuals in their adult years has increased dramatically in recent years.  Due to this increase, depression often co-exists with anxiety  due to factors such as feelings of helplessness and physical and [...]

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What is Perfectionism? Perfection is being without fault or error. Perfectionism is the pursuit of perfection or high standards that are either unachievable, or unachievable on a regular basis. Perfectionists often base their value and worth on their ability to meet those standards. These standards are often referred to as ‘unrelenting standards’ because they are [...]

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Managing Grief and Loss

Grief appears to be a normal reaction or response of the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually to the significant loss of a person, thing or relationship. Grief is usually more intense when it involves the death of a loved one, particularly if it is sudden or unexpected. Similar reactions do occur with other types [...]

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Basic Tips for Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion and is adaptive ie it is not bad for you in its intended form, that of preparing us for danger or a difficult situation. It is not achievable to cease having any anxiety. Anxiety symptoms are believed to be triggered by what is known as the “fight or flight [...]

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What You Need to Do to Get Over Breaking Up

Whenever a breakup happens, it can be very difficult for both parties involved. Many people seem to think that the side that receives the breakup has it the worst, however the side who is actually giving the breakup possible can suffer just as much, if not worse. With this being said, there are many men [...]

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