Different Types Of Counseling

While often thought of in a generalized sense, counseling is not merely a blanket profession that applies one particular treatment to any and all problems. Instead, there are many different types of counseling available, all of which deal with unique problems at a more deeply involved and intimate level. No matter what hardship an individual [...]

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Knowing When To Seek Professional Counselling For Teenagers and Kids

Raising children is no easy task especially in today's highly sophisticated society. Millions of parents struggle with raising their kids from infancy all the way into their teenage years and finally into adulthood. Being a parent or a guardian to a child is a huge responsibility that should be taken seriously. The main objective of [...]

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Counselling For Sadness- How To Find Your Way Back To The Happy Lane

Did you recently go through a very unhappy event? Has the event considerably changed your mood? Do you need to find ways to become happy again? Well, not to be confused with depression, but sadness is something that most people go through. It might just me momentarily and fail to recur but when it happens, [...]

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Understanding Grief And Loss Counselling

Going through a major loss and dealing with the subsequent grief is something that everyone is going to have to face at one point or another in their lifetime. While grief can sometimes be used to describe the idea of coming to terms with different forms of loss, it will traditionally refer to emotional progressions [...]

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7 Anger Management Tips

Anger is something that is unpredictable and i can come out of nowhere, or stem from a long line of annoyances that have gone unaddressed. Everyone can and does feel anger from time to time. Whether you are a raging teenager or a disgruntled adult, there is no getting away from the natural emotion of [...]

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Marriage Counselling Benefits

When a couple stands up in front of their friends and family members and declares their love for one another, they are committing to a lifetime of love and support. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the perfect marriage that they envisioned when they said "I do" can start to develop cracks and weaknesses. Life is [...]

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Relationship Counseling Benefits

While many couples could benefit from counseling, many people are reluctant to sit down and talk with a therapist. Some people think that counseling wouldn't help them to resolve their issues. Others may worry that the mere act of going to a counselor means that their relationship is in trouble. If you take a closer [...]

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Trauma Counselling – Do You Need It?

What can getting trauma counselling explained to you help with? Well, for one thing it can start you on the path to recovery. When you can be cautious with how you approach this, it is likely to be far more helpful. Trauma can come from a variety of situations because it's not just exclusive to [...]

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What is a Neuropsychologist and What Do They Do?

What is a Neuropsychologist? generally defined as a professional who specialize in the study of the behavioral link that exists between the brain and the way humans, as well as higher primates behave, this is something that they also theorize on.  On essence they are psychologists who specialize in understanding the relationship between the physical [...]

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Identifying Post Traumatic Stress

When it comes to identifying post traumatic stress, most people are still apprehensive about what they suggest and what the person might be dealing with. It is something that is going to matter a lot because it does have a profound impact on the mind. What is the one issue that a person has to [...]

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