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Trauma Counselling – Do You Need It?

What can getting trauma counselling explained to you help with? Well, for one thing it can start you on the path to recovery. When you can be cautious with how you approach this, it is likely to be far more helpful.

Trauma can come from a variety of situations because it’s not just exclusive to something like abuse. You can also have trauma from getting robbed, getting injured, dealing with a sudden life change, or being emotionally abused. If you feel anxious, depressed, or anything else then it may be due to a traumatic event. The only way to know for sure is to find a psychiatrist or someone that is well versed in mental health. You’ll have to go in and talk about what your past was like and what you’re going through, and then it can be determined what’s going on.

Finding a counselor is as easy as shopping around a little. You don’t have to stick with one if they don’t make you comfortable, and you also need to make sure that they take your insurance if you have any. There are a lot of options in most cities, but you can also travel if you’re in a smaller town. Having the ability to take control of your care is always good, but if you find that you don’t get along with anyone it may be time to just buckle down and work with someone as long as you’re at least a little comfortable.

Trauma counselling explained by a professional to you can help you be more comfortable with what is going on. They can let you know before you start your sessions what you’ll be working on and you both can come up with a plan. If you are asked to do any exercises to help with making you feel better with your situation, you are going to want to work on them. If you can’t do something, then make note of it and why you didn’t want to. Then you can figure out other things you can do with the counsellor you’re more capable of or comfortable with.

An assesment is pretty much how they figure out what kind of help you need. Know that this is not a time to stretch the truth. You may feel like they are a new person and they don’t need to be shared with, but if you don’t give them the truth they can’t help you with your problems. There are privacy policies in place that you can look into that state if anyone divulges your information they can get in a lot of trouble so don’t worry about that.

Are you around someone that is abusive in some way and don’t know what to do? This type of situation can cause a lot of different trauma related problems, like PTSD, and it can get worse as time goes on if you don’t get away from it. Don’t be afraid to let your counsellor know or the authorities, because the situation probably is not going to change over time. You shouldn’t listen to threats about what the person will do if you ever say anything because the authorities will protect you while you leave or they will take the other person away and you can get a restraining order at least.

Sometimes it’s hard to know that you went through a traumatic experience. For instance, you may have been emotionally abused all of your childhood and thought it was normal to be yelled at and put down. However, this can be just as damaging to you as being hurt physically and calls for therapy a lot of the time to get over. Look up what the signs are of an emotionally abusive situation are, and it may surprise you and explain a lot of why you don’t feel mentally fit.

A lot of people have to take medications that have PTSD and other trauma related conditions. For a lot of people it’s important to get a sleeping medication because there are a lot of nightmares that can happen and anxiety that goes on during the night. There also may be anxiety medications, anti-psychotics for mood swings, and anti-depressants. You should look up what these medications can do and what to expect in terms of side effects. Know that some of them can actually make depression and other issues worse, so if you notice that you need to let your psychiatrist know or whoever is prescribing you medications.

Suicidal thoughts shouldn’t just be ignored. You need to let your counsellor know or even call the authorities to tell them you need to get help. If you can get to a hospital or into an emergency psychiatry facility of some kind in most cities. The problem with not getting assistance when you feel this way is that the issues may be solvable that you have. Even if it seems hopeless, there’s always a little bit of hope as long as you do what you can and get some help to get through what you’re feeling.

You now have had trauma counselling explained to you and can use it to your advantage. The best thing to do is to start working on this as soon as possible. That way, you are able to deal with the pain and trauma in your life instead of letting it take control of you.