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What Is Reverse Psychology

A person that has been to a psychologist has likely received different types of treatment that can help them deal with problems they are facing. They will use standard psychological practices that are going to help them improve situations that they are facing.

Sometimes people are having problems with emotional or mental conditions, and by working with a psychologist, they can usually resolve their problems in a relatively short period of time. Standard psychological techniques often work, but sometimes these need to be modified in order to get a much faster result.

There is a type of psychology called reverse psychology that is used by many different professionals, as well as individuals that understand how it works. It is a very useful strategy, one that can help people get through very difficult situations in their life using this very different form of psychological motivation. Here is a quick definition of what is reverse psychology, and then let’s look at how you can use the same strategies in your life to help yourself as well as others that you know.

An Overview Of Reverse Psychology

When you search for definitions online for what is reverse psychology, you may see several similar explanations. Some people actually refer to this as a subtle form of manipulation because of the way that it works. It can be used to help people that are in relationships, or that are having problems with self-motivation.

In reality, it is simply common sense, but it must be executed in a specific way in order to get the desired result. In general, reverse psychology is a technique that requires you to present a couple different options, motivating the person you are interacting with to make the opposing choice.

Examples Of Reverse Psychology

An example of what is reverse psychology is something as simple as getting your children to do something that they do not want to do. If you are having difficulty motivating them to eat their vegetables, clean their room, or do their chores, this is a strategy that works almost every time. You present two options for them. For example, you could tell them that they do not have to do their chores, yet if they do accomplish their chores there will be a reward.

In their minds, they will be motivated emotionally by what is attached to doing what it is that they do not want to do. By doing this, you are manipulating them into making a better choice by tapping into their emotions. Another example would be convincing someone that they should apply for a certain job, one that they do not want to even consider.

However, by presenting the many positive aspects of this potential job, and highlighting the negative aspects of the job they are currently in, you can emotionally motivate them to decide to apply for another job that would be better for them.

Why Pushing Emotional Triggers Is Important

Some emotional triggers are very powerful when using this technique. Many of them are based upon personal gain. People need to be alerted as to what is in it for them if they make a choice that they would typically not make. It is positioned in such a way that, in their minds, they are more motivated to make the choice that you would prefer.

When this is done properly, the person will actually believe that they are making the choice on their own. However, they are only reacting to what you have said. Their reactions or choice making is based upon the emotional triggers that you are tapping within their psyche, allowing them to react in the way that you want them to.

Does Reverse Psychology Always Work?

This type of psychology does work with most people. It really does depend on the way the choices are presented. When you look up what is reverse psychology, they also referred to this as the power of persuasion, a term you often hear when you are talking about sales representatives. Those that are very good salespeople are masters at this technique.

For example, if you want them to buy something from you, but they tell you they do not need it, or they cannot afford it, you will never succeed by pushing this idea. However, by pointing out the features and benefits of purchasing your product, and how much happier or better off they will be by making this purchase, their emotional triggers related to self benefit will cause them to make the purchase.

On the other hand, people that are not easily manipulated based upon emotional triggers will probably not be affected by this strategy. They will not be swayed by emotional conditions. It is a strategy that does work with most people, and if you can master it, you may find yourself becoming a master persuader.

When an individual is able to learn how to manipulate others in this manner, they can change their lives in many ways. Whether it’s to get a promotion, sell products, or convince people that they should go out with you, this form of manipulation can work wonders in your life.

Now that you know what reverse psychology is, you may want to consider learning how to do this. It is something that will get better with practice. It’s a simple matter of understanding how to push the emotional buttons of another person, associating those emotions with the decision that you would like them to make.

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