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7 Communication Styles For Any Occassion

In a world of human interaction, there are regular and daily occurrences where our ability to communicate effectively breaks down. Often this is because we don't understand the different ways of communicating with others. Here we will take a look at 7 great communication styles to help with any occasion. Every one of us has [...]

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Some Reasons For Couple Therapy Help

Couples who require therapy are told to do so immediately because this is an issue that can start to cause real trouble in the house. What are the reasons for going ahead and considering couple therapy help in this day and age? Why are so many couples starting to see the light and moving in [...]

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Relationship Counseling Benefits

While many couples could benefit from counseling, many people are reluctant to sit down and talk with a therapist. Some people think that counseling wouldn't help them to resolve their issues. Others may worry that the mere act of going to a counselor means that their relationship is in trouble. If you take a closer [...]

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How to Forgive People Who Hurt You

Forgiving people who hurt you is a challenge for many. It's very hard, if not impossible, to respond to hatred with love and to let go of those bad things from your past. However, if you manage to give forgiveness, you have all the chances to live a better and happier life. This makes sense [...]

Getting Over Divorce

Getting out of a bad marriage is not easy, even if you know your marriage was headed for the rocks. Friends will want you to date someone new, family members tell you to get over it and the one thing you know is- you are depressed and alone. If you have children that are affected [...]

Is Love A Drug That You Can Become Addicted To?

When you stop to think about the way that love can often make you feel, it will more than likely make you wonder whether or not love can be classified as a drug or not. Certainly, it is not a synthetic drug like any other substance that addicts would fall victim to. However, when you [...]

Tips For A Healthy Relationship

What's the definition of a healthy relationship? It could be that relationship in which both partners feel good and have the chance to follow their personal growth path together. It may seem easy, but healthy relationships do take work, so if you want yours to work, you shouldn't just lay back and take it for [...]