Counselling Gold Coast

There comes a time in life when an individual feels directionless or needs some kind of guidance to make decisions. This is where a counsellor comes in. A professional counsellor is an individual who works with the client in order to resolve various issues including beliefs, relationship issues, problematic behaviours, feelings and other such issues. [...]

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5 Styles Of Communication

If you want to become an effective communicator, you need to learn the 5 styles of communication and identify the ones you use every day in your interactions. The 5 styles of communication have been categorized into assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, submissive and manipulative. Here is what you need to know about the 5 styles of [...]

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Quick Tips to Improve your Mood

The following tips are brief and basic but are very effective even if you do one of them per day, or you do one or more when you are feeling down: You might find some of these more attractive to you than others. 1. Interact/socialise with people (or pets), particularly people you enjoy being around. [...]

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Basic Tips for Managing Depression

Depression lasts longer than sadness and the blues, and commonly reduces one’s pleasure in life and is more disabling than mere sadness. Clinical depression is the term often used to describe depression that impairs a person’s functioning and quality of life. The cause of depression is a matter of debate but generally speaking it is [...]

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Depression

As we live in one of the most stressful decades, it should not come as a surprise that the stress and anxiety levels of individuals in their adult years has increased dramatically in recent years.  Due to this increase, depression often co-exists with anxiety  due to factors such as feelings of helplessness and physical and [...]

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What You Need to Do to Get Over Breaking Up

Whenever a breakup happens, it can be very difficult for both parties involved. Many people seem to think that the side that receives the breakup has it the worst, however the side who is actually giving the breakup possible can suffer just as much, if not worse. With this being said, there are many men [...]

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Tips on How to Overcome Depression

It can become frustrating to be depressed all of the time. It can suck the energy right out of your body and make you wish to close yourself off. This is not only concerning for you, but for everyone around you. It can become the reason for you being unable to form relationships. It is [...]

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How to Forgive People Who Hurt You

Forgiving people who hurt you is a challenge for many. It's very hard, if not impossible, to respond to hatred with love and to let go of those bad things from your past. However, if you manage to give forgiveness, you have all the chances to live a better and happier life. This makes sense [...]

How to Become More Confident?

Most of the problems in our lives stem from low self-confidence and low self-esteem. A person who has no confidence in him or herself will never have a sound self-esteem to begin with. These people will lag behind in their adult lives and live in despair and poverty most of the time. Self-confidence should be [...]

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Simple Tips for Improving Your Confidence

Do you have a hard time feeling confident? Do you struggle with insecurity? Are you always worrying that you are not good enough, or that other people are always judging you? If so, you may need some fast, effective ways to boost your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem. Fortunately, doing so is not as hard [...]

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