Quick Tips to Improve your Mood

The following tips are brief and basic but are very effective even if you do one of them per day, or you do one or more when you are feeling down: You might find some of these more attractive to you than others. 1. Interact/socialise with people (or pets), particularly people you enjoy being around. [...]

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What is Perfectionism? Perfection is being without fault or error. Perfectionism is the pursuit of perfection or high standards that are either unachievable, or unachievable on a regular basis. Perfectionists often base their value and worth on their ability to meet those standards. These standards are often referred to as ‘unrelenting standards’ because they are [...]

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Managing Grief and Loss

Grief appears to be a normal reaction or response of the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually to the significant loss of a person, thing or relationship. Grief is usually more intense when it involves the death of a loved one, particularly if it is sudden or unexpected. Similar reactions do occur with other types [...]

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Basic Tips for Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion and is adaptive ie it is not bad for you in its intended form, that of preparing us for danger or a difficult situation. It is not achievable to cease having any anxiety. Anxiety symptoms are believed to be triggered by what is known as the “fight or flight [...]

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How to Forgive People Who Hurt You

Forgiving people who hurt you is a challenge for many. It's very hard, if not impossible, to respond to hatred with love and to let go of those bad things from your past. However, if you manage to give forgiveness, you have all the chances to live a better and happier life. This makes sense [...]

Simple Tips for Improving Your Confidence

Do you have a hard time feeling confident? Do you struggle with insecurity? Are you always worrying that you are not good enough, or that other people are always judging you? If so, you may need some fast, effective ways to boost your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem. Fortunately, doing so is not as hard [...]

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Getting Over Divorce

Getting out of a bad marriage is not easy, even if you know your marriage was headed for the rocks. Friends will want you to date someone new, family members tell you to get over it and the one thing you know is- you are depressed and alone. If you have children that are affected [...]

The Five Key Ways To Feel More Fulfilled

At some point in our lives we are faced with something that we rarely see coming - depression, unfulfillment, the crippling feeling that we're halfway through our lives and are not as happy as we think we should be. But how do we become fulfilled again? Below we take a look at the top five [...]

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Learning How To Forgive People

They often say that forgiveness is the way to mend some broken feelings and to set yourself free from embittered resentment that will chip away at your heart for years. If you're trying to learn how to forgive someone, we have you covered. Below we look at the two main ways to learn to how [...]

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How to Cope With Being Bullied

Dealing with bullies is never easy. When most people think of bullying, they think of playground antics, but bullies can target people of all ages and from all walks of life. There are bullies in schools, in the workplace, and even in local neighbourhoods. Adults usually have the social skills and confidence to ignore or [...]