9 Family Counseling Benefits You Should Know

Families are often regarded as the most valuable support systems. However, they still have their share of difficulties and problems, most of which should be handled comprehensively to avert a crisis. With different families using different methods to deal with such problems, family counseling and therapy is highly recommended. Whether your family is experiencing issues [...]

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Relationship Counseling Benefits If All Parties Are Committed

Are you and your partner having relationship troubles? Many times when we are in a troubled relationship we can't see any way out. A romantic relationship is hard work. It requires continual maintenance to continue running smoothly. When there's a problem, it is best to address it quickly so it doesn't grow into something bigger. [...]

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What Is Counseling Psychology Used For Today?

When people have problems with their marriage, or if they are not able to interact very well with coworkers, they will often seek the help of a counseling psychologist. This practice is one that takes into account cultural differences between people, and their upbringing, to find a way to help resolve these situations. This might [...]

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Marriage Counselling Can Help In Many Situations

When you want to know if marriage counselling can help in your situation, chances are the answer is yes. There will be some information shared with you here on when to get counselling and who to turn to when you need it. This just may save your marriage! It can be hard to speak to [...]

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Important Tips on Counselling for Teenagers

The teenage years are one of the most challenging phases for both teens and their parents. Teens usually start to face a lot of new pressures and can sometimes react in not so healthy ways when they encounter a problem. Teens may need counseling in order to cope with this problems and take the right [...]

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Basic Tips for Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion and is adaptive ie it is not bad for you in its intended form, that of preparing us for danger or a difficult situation. It is not achievable to cease having any anxiety. Anxiety symptoms are believed to be triggered by what is known as the “fight or flight [...]

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Training Registration Form

IPT registration form Brisbane 2014

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5 Things to Do When You Feel Insecure

Although most people would have things that way, it is actually quite impossible to feel confident and cheerful all of the time. Certain situations can actually cause one to feel miserable and helpless. If such feeling continues for a longer period of time, or if your situation does not change, you might actually find yourself [...]

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Common Phobias To Be Aware Of

We are all afraid of something. Some of us are afraid of many things. When those fears affect us physically as well as mentally, they are classified as phobias. Common symptoms of a phobic reaction include nausea, dizziness, increased heart rate, and difficulty breathing. Phobias can also worsen preexisting conditions with could pose a serious [...]

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9 Effective Techniques To Improve Your Memory

It is amazing how many things in life are effected by our memory. Having a good memory makes life easier in many ways, and also sets you up for success in both your business and personal life. So, if you were not born with natural memory acuity, is it possible to improve the volume of [...]

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