A Look Into The Science of Happiness

It's been said that our mood sometimes can depend on the season, and there's this lingering belief that the summer months make us happier. But is this true? Let's find out.It is true that during winter people tend to be gloomy or even suffer from depression because of the lack of sunlight. Some people even [...]

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The Origins of Laughter and Why it Matters

For a long time it was believed that laughter was a uniquely human thing to do, but in 2009 scientists discovered something amazing. Laughter is actually an evolutionary response, and our ancestors were doing it as far back as ten million years ago. The study, conducted by psychologists at Portsmouth University, found that if you [...]

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Is Love A Drug That You Can Become Addicted To?

When you stop to think about the way that love can often make you feel, it will more than likely make you wonder whether or not love can be classified as a drug or not. Certainly, it is not a synthetic drug like any other substance that addicts would fall victim to. However, when you [...]

How to Be Happier Starting Right Now

Happiness is an elusive state for many people. We are under so much stress on a day to day basis, and we have so many things calling for our time that we struggle to find time for ourselves and do not devote enough of our minds to the pursuit of happiness. The good news is [...]

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What to Do When You’ve Been Humiliated

Humans can withstand a lot of emotional strain. However, humiliation is a psychological, mental and emotional strain that is difficult to withstand.Moreover, it can happen in an instant or over a long period, which inhibits our ability to react to it effectively. This is why you need a clear-cut strategy on how to deal with [...]

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Tips For A Healthy Relationship

What's the definition of a healthy relationship? It could be that relationship in which both partners feel good and have the chance to follow their personal growth path together. It may seem easy, but healthy relationships do take work, so if you want yours to work, you shouldn't just lay back and take it for [...]