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Why Is Sports Psychology An Important Part Of Training?

Sports psychology plays an important part in any form of sports competition. It is well recognised that the mind and body perform the best when they are one. When the body wants to achieve something, but the mind is thinking otherwise, the optimal results cannot be achieved.

A sports competitor’s goal is to be at the best of his game and win the competition. He undergoes a regimen of workouts and skills training that his coach or trainer has developed for him. Mini goals are set to work up to the larger goal. During training, as the athlete as each mini goal is achieved, the bar is set higher to challenge the body to perform even better.

It is important for the mind to support the body in what it is trying to do. The mind must believe that the challenge can be conquered. Sometimes visualising the accomplishment of the goal helps in achieving the goal it self. For example, when a basketball play is working to get that shot into the hoop, it may help if he visualises the ball going into the hoop several times before he actually makes the shot. A gymnast who is trying to accomplish a difficult flip can let her mind guide her body into making that flip.

So, focus and positive thinking are important. There is no room for negative thinking because when the thought strays from the task, the focus on the accomplishment is lost and the body will not perform as instructed by the mind. Mind and body are one. It is important for coaches and trainers to reinforce that in their athletes in order to get the best performance out of them. This is an important part of sports psychology that all competitors should practice.