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What Happens To Our Brains When We Daydream? The Psychology Of Imagination

When we allow our minds to wander and explore possibilities, an interesting thing happens to our brain chemistry that is not really happen at any other time. It seems to open up our brain to the possibilities of life, getting endorphins flowing in a way that nothing besides physical activity can do – except for using our imaginations.

In fact, there is significant evidence that, when it comes to our brains, we really cannot tell the difference between imagination and remembered reality. What this means is that if you can envision something strong enough, it will change your brain as if it is actually happens to you. This is incredibly powerful when it comes to shaping in creating the type of life that you want for yourself. Many times, people turned to attract the type of life to themselves that they had had in the past. This means if you have lived a charmed life in the past, good things will continue to happen to you. However, if you have struggled mightily in the past, trouble will continue to come your way.

However, because of the psychology of imagination, this pattern is open to being interrupted. You can literally for yourself into thinking that you are the type of person that lives a charmed life by merely imagining that you are that kind of person and truly believing it. In this way, your brain will start to believe the you are that sort of person and will start to attract “good luck” (for lack of a better term) into your life. Fortuitous things will begin to happen to you and you will not even know why!

This is the best sort of thing the you can possibly use your imagination to accomplish.