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Tips For Teaching Children To Share

Children can be quite the challenge when it comes to teaching them about sharing. Some will catch on quickly and be willing participants, while others are reluctant and have a “me only” attitude. This attitude can be tough to break, but with the right approach it can be done. Let’s take a look at a number of tips that can be used to get one’s child to start sharing. It might seem difficult, but it can be done using these tips.


Want the child to share? It is important to share with them as a parent/guardian. This is the best way of getting them to start noticing how nice it feels to have something shared with them. They will cooperate more during the learning process, if this is done with them.

If they never get to see it with their own eyes, they might not be as willing to share. The parent has to lead the way not only with the child, but with others around them.


Try creating games that can assist in making the learning process easier. Most children love playing games and incorporating a “sharing” aspect into the activity will go a long way. Just the simple idea of dividing things and passing them to one another as an act of sharing will make the learning process smoother.

Don’t Force

This is the number one mistake made by parents. The process will take a while and forcing the child leads them to think of sharing as a negative thing. This is the last thing one wants when trying to get a child to share. It will lead to a lot of issues in trying to get the child to cooperate down the road.

Forcing has never worked and never will when it comes to this. Be patient and see the results start showing over time.