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7 Effective Ways to Overcome Loneliness

Loneliness is simply defined as the state of being alone both externally and even internally. Being externally lonely means that even if you are home alone or in a crowd of people – you’re not socializing with them directly or even on phone as frequently. Being internally alone means that you are simply not intimately sharing yourself and personality with anyone else.While loneliness can provoke an unhealthy state of depression, it can also be utilized for an individual’s best potential of re-discovering and loving oneself.

Here are 7 effective ways to overcome loneliness daily:

1. Discover the power of solitude. This is an adoptable trait that will allow you to feel good and adequate. Instead of wallowing, you can start engaging yourself in thinking about your good qualities and use them to motivate and appreciate yourself.

2. Do social activities by yourself. This will make me-time much more interesting. You can do the things you love to do by yourself and enjoy the fulfilling reward afterwards. E.g. cook yourself a fine breakfast or dinner, play a song for yourself with the musical instrument you’re skilled in using, take yourself out on a dinner/ movie date, go for a weekend holiday at a great hotel and relax.

3. Engage in extra activities. Get yourself into group activities that will have you involved with team work and inevitably socializing with others. You can join a: volunteer program that will have you giving a little of yourself to others in need, sports club/ gymnasium club, political campaign, religious group e.g. church group, or go to an art exhibition. All these places provide you with hours to socialize and engage yourself with others.

4. Initiate new social relationships. In as much as spending time with family and old friends is also good, it is even more interesting to create new relationships. Have a friendly tone and inviting appearance that will create an interest for people to converse with you.

5. Learn a new skill. This will ultimately place you in the vulnerable spot of wanting to add yourself to learning. Choose an activity that you would love to do and register for the classes immediately. Whether it is learning to play the violin or learning how to cook/ bake/ sew, this activity will bite off anytime to feel lonely.

6. Consider getting a pet. These are great companions who are a source of relieving stress by petting and constantly seeking attention from you.

7. Join an online community. Socialize online and engage yourself in community talks that will allow you to meet and talk to as many people as possible.