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Getting Over Divorce

Getting out of a bad marriage is not easy, even if you know your marriage was headed for the rocks. Friends will want you to date someone new, family members tell you to get over it and the one thing you know is- you are depressed and alone. If you have children that are affected by the divorce, you ultimately blame yourself even more. You often wish you’d put up with your spouse just a bit longer, but divorce ended any semblance of normalcy in you and your child’s life. How can you get over your divorce?

1. Get Out More

Don’t get out more to find someone new to date, but hang out with friends and family so you don’t spend too much time alone. Staying at home alone only leads you to think too much and further your depressive state. Weekends are probably the hardest, which is why you should aim to make plans to do something fun for the weekend.

2. Work On Yourself

People that get a divorce often end up feeling depressed to the point of letting themselves go. They end up drinking, staying out too late or just not caring about keeping up appearances; instead of going down the drain, focus on you. After all, being married can be stifling and being single is a good way to find yourself again. Get a makeover and give yourself some time to relax and enjoy being single.

3. Redirect Your Anger

It is so easy to blame the other person when the marriage has failed, even if it was infidelity that led your marriage down the wrong path. Try to work on your poker face, and when you meet with your ex, don’t let it get to you. Don’t lash out or get angry, but work towards feeling indifferent about your marriage. It didn’t work out, and you won’t move on right away, but if you slowly redirect your anger into something else like a hobby, it allows you to channel your feelings.

4. Start A Journal

Even if you were never the person to write in a diary, starting a journal can be therapeutic. It allows you to sort out your jumbled feelings and understand a little bit more about your inner self. More importantly, you can write things down you would never tell someone else under normal circumstances.

5. Get Plenty Of Exercise

Though this thought pretty much couples with not letting yourself go, exercising gives you a good way to let off steam and stay healthy. More importantly, exercise is a natural mood enhancer and gives you the opportunity to allow your mind to roam towards happier thoughts.

A divorce can be nasty and you can’t help but feel that you’ve failed somehow. However, keep in mind that it takes two and you weren’t alone. If your marriage didn’t work, getting a divorce was for the best. Give yourself time to heal, channel your grief into something constructive and don’t just jump into another relationship.