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Counselling & Psychology Fees

Clients of PRA Psychology come from a variety of referral sources and are covered under a variety of funding arrangements.

Key Features

Our fees vary depending on the type of referral and the practitioner who provides the service. All of our Psychologists are able to provide psychological services under Medicare referrals and Private health insurance. Please contact us to discuss this further as the fee depends on a variety of factors including how the sessions are being funded, the Psychologist you are seeing and the length of the session. Below is a rough guide regarding Medicare, Private Health and Employee Assistance.


All of our Psychologists are registered with medicare to provide services under the Better Access program. At present this system enables 10 sessions per calendar year. To obtain a plan and the subsequent rebate you must see a GP before your first session with the Psychologist and obtain a valid mental health care plan and referral. The referral is at the discretion of the GP and there must be a mental health diagnosis eg anxiety disorder or depression. When arranging an appointment to see a GP for a mental health care plan we recommend you advise the receptionist when making the booking that you are seeking this plan as they may require you to book a longer consultation or multiple consultations. When contacting us to arrange an appointment please advise the name of the GP who referred you and if you are being referred under this scheme.

Our Psychologists charge a standard fee that is approximately $85 above the medicare rebate. We cannot be more specific until we determine the Psychologist that you are seeing as their fees vary based on whether the Psychologist is classified as a Generalist or Clinical under the Medicare scheme, and the length of the session. For clients who are health care card holders or are financially disadvantaged we are flexible with fees and will discuss this with you to try and ensure the fee is affordable.

Private Health

Rebates are available with most private health insurers. The rebate is usually between $40 to $70, and for a limited number of sessions. We recommend you contact your insurer to check your level of cover and the rebate. Receipts can be provided to be taken to your insurer to claim the rebate.

Employee Assistance

We have arrangements with a variety of organisations to provide Employee Assistance programs/services. If you are unsure if we provide services for your employer either ask your employer or contact us and we will advise you further.