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Meditation as Medicine for Loneliness

Cabahug Most people would consider that loneliness as a state of being alone. In reality, loneliness is simply an emotion that is created by our thoughts.Despite the fact that most people think that curing involves external influence such as going out and having fun. This does not have to be the case. It is possible to be alone and not be lonely.

There are times that we do not feel lonely, and we rationalize it by linking it to external forces. However, this state of “un-loneliness” is actually a state that opens within us and we often link it to external influence. However, the state can be brought-up without the need for external influence. One of the best ways to bring-up such state of “un-loneliness” without the need of external influence is through meditations, visualizations and affirmations.

Meditation practitioners will tell you that there is always happiness inside of us, and there is no need for us to be dependent on external influence to feel happy. Although there are instances in our lives that we do not feel such happiness, but it does not mean that this internal happiness does not exist.You can think of it as a hidden gem covered in dirt.

Our emotions are heavily influenced by our mindset, belief systems and thoughts. When we “believe” that being alone leads to loneliness, this will manifest in our emotions. With meditation, you are able to cure loneliness by training your mind to focus on the positive aspects of your life and training your mind to call upon the state of “un-loneliness” and happiness without the need of external influence.

While some people do get cured from loneliness and depression through meditation, but it may take a lot of work and may have some limits. The more rooted your negative thoughts and beliefs are, the more you need to work on meditation as medicine for loneliness. However, there are cases that some people do get depressed because it is caused by abnormal secretions of certain chemicals in the brain. In cases like these, it might be very hard to cure the problem through mediation alone. However, it still does lessen the negative emotion even if mediation cannot completely cure it.

Most people tend to find different ways to cure their feeling of loneliness through external influence. However, with meditation, it is possible to cure such feeling by clearing your negative thoughts and beliefs. Remember, that emotions are largely influenced by our thoughts and beliefs, and having positive thoughts and beliefs will lead to a state of happiness that comes from within.