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Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depression affects 340 million people worldwide. Even though depression is treatable, there are instances where the disorder will go undiagnozed and unaddressed. It is common between all ages of people in the current era. The competitive mindset and high levels of stress are the main reasons for depression.

Situational depression is common when tragedies occur. A recent loss of a loved one can cause situational depression, and it is quite common among the human species. It is always better to work with a qualified therapist or counselor in this type of tragic situations, as to, not let the depression worsen further. Clinical depression is a more serious condition than situational depression. It also can begin with a recent tragic incident, but it can take longer than normal to heal or grow out of proportion to the situation. It can affect the person’s emotional health in a bad way, and also the social life of the person. He or she may not want to face the society when in this type of condition. This is why a counselor or a therapist should be consulted immediately before the disorder worsens even further. Clinical depression may require other forms of medicine other than the counselling or therapeutic part.

There are numerous signs and symptoms of depression. Some of these symptoms can last for a few minutes while others could last for days and days. If you are exhibiting any of the below mentioned symptoms, you must consult your physician immediately.

1. Feeling sadness or unhappy for unusual periods of time.
2. Loss of interest in normal life activities. If this continues for very long periods of time, it is a symptom of depression.
3. Irritability and frustration, even over small matters.
4. Prolonged feelings of worthlessness and guilt.
5. Frequent thoughts of death and suicide.
6. Crying spells for no apparent reason.
7. Unexplained physical issues such as headaches and back pains.