PRA Psychology provides a range of services for employees from government and non-government organisations. For some organisations we have a direct service agreement to provide services, whereas with other organisations we are contractors for the main employee assistance provider. Most mid to large-size organisations have an Employee Assistance program/service that provides services such as debriefings for critical incidents and one to one counselling for a limited number of sessions per year.

Please contact us if you need to clarify if we are registered to provide psychological services for your employer, or if you need to clarify what can be offered to you under this scheme.

What are Employee Assistance services/programs?

  • EAPs are work-based intervention services aimed at the early identification and / or resolution of both work and personal problems that may adversely affect performance.
  • Issues that commonly impede optimal performance include stress, depression, interpersonal conflict, relationship difficulties and substance misuse.
  • EAPs are provided by external consultants who are independent of the company.
  • The cost of stress alone includes absenteeism, decreased efficiency and productivity, increased accidents, staff conflict, staff turnover, lowered morale and increased compensation claims.
  • An effective EAP is tailored to meet the needs of the organisation.