Dr Michael RobertsonDR Michael Robertson is a consultant Psychiatrist who has worked in general adult psychiatry for 20 years. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. He has a special interest in psychological trauma, occupational psychiatry, depression in the medically ill and in the setting of chronic pain, and veteran’s mental health. He has worked in community psychiatry for the last decade. Michael has traditionally preferred to work collaboratively with his colleagues in General Practice and psychology.

Over the two decades Michael has worked as a Psychiatrist he has learnt that each person’s problems are more complex than biomedical science would suggest. Rather than just deal in “diagnosis” and the right medication, Michael sees helping a patient resolve their problems requires a balance of different medical, psychological and existential considerations. That being said, Michael sees that the critical contribution a Psychiatrist can make to his patients and colleagues is providing a comprehensive formulation of the patient’s problems, and the kinds of interventions that will help improve them.

Michael has worked in the very challenging areas of psychological trauma, chronic pain and community psychiatry. Amongst the many things he learnt when working with these patients was the human capacity for resilience. It is that resilience that Michael seeks to identify and help flourish in his patients.

DR Michael Robertson has worked with Paul Rushton from PRA Consulting in a number of professional and academic collaborations for nearly two decades. He is delighted to join the PRA team and continue to work with the excellent clinicians in the practice.