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Deborah Jackson

Deborah is a Registered Psychologist with nearly 4 decades of experience working in community, clinical, university (Macquarie University in Sydney and Bond University here on the Gold Coast) and corporate settings with individual adults, couples, teams and young people.
Over the last decade or so I have taken a deep dive into understanding and working with Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD).  Sometimes also referred to as developmental or early life trauma.
It can show up in many ways. Including when we find ourselves ‘over-reacting’ to situations in our here and now.
It’s about the ways that dynamics and experiences in our early environment affected our nervous system, while it was growing itself.  And how we had to adapt to survive.
These are the bodies we live in as adults and living in a trauma impacted body or nervous system can make it difficult to show up consistently as our authentic selves, the way we want to, at work, in parenting and in our relationships.  You can’t think your way out of trauma – you need to also work somatically.
Trauma impacts can also have long terms effects on physical health and wellbeing, through the inflammatory processes involved.
You may come to me because you know ‘there is stuff from childhood’ you want to work through.
You may also come to me for help with relationships, mood, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, ‘not coping’, feeling overwhelmed, having lost your sense of purpose, feeling shut down, having issues with addiction, feeling like a mess despite all your best efforts and not knowing why.
We look at what’s happening in your world today, and also how ongoing patterns may have been set in motion through earlier life experiences, and maintained not just through your thoughts or behaviours, actually through the dysregulation in your nervous system.
I am always keen to share what I am learning with the community and have created courses in trauma healing for young people, adults and therapists.  I have researched and created wellbeing resources for universities, colleges, small business and organisations.
Modalities I draw on include:
  • CBT
  • ACT/Mindfulness
  • Somatic psychotherapy and ‘parts work’
  • Interpersonal neurobiology
  • DBT
  • Positive Psychology
For me it feels a sacred task to get to know you and support you in your life, relationships and healing process.
You have a right to a wonderful life that is an expression and reflection of your true nature.  You have a right to secure and confident engagement with the world around you. To feel all the pleasure, purpose and wholeness that can come from safe and open experiencing of life, nature, people, animals, love, art, music, community and achievement through your unique strengths and talents.
I can help you.