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What to Do When You’ve Been Humiliated

Humans can withstand a lot of emotional strain. However, humiliation is a psychological, mental and emotional strain that is difficult to withstand.Moreover, it can happen in an instant or over a long period, which inhibits our ability to react to it effectively. This is why you need a clear-cut strategy on how to deal with humiliation. In other words, you need to know what to do when you’ve been humiliated. Here are a couple of effective strategies that you can use when you face such a frustrating experience.

– You Should Not Pay Attention to It

The person trying to humiliate you is either seeking attention or trying to draw negative attention towards you. You should not give this person any reason to continue doing so. Let the person have his or her little moment but do not cause that moment to turn into an entire episode. In other words, let it go as fast as possible. This will not only baffle the crowd that is around you but it will also bring shame to the person trying to humiliate you.

– Make a Light Moment of It

Humor is unexpected in such a situation. This is especially true when this humor comes from the humiliated person. It completely changes everything in favor of the humiliated person. To being with, it diffuses the tension between you, the person trying to humiliate you and any other involved parties. Secondly, it reinforces your humanity i.e. those present during your humiliation will identify with you as a person who has emotions and as such, they will empathize with your situation.

– Do Not React To Humiliating Acts with Anger

Remember, people will not try to humiliate you just for the sake of it. They will do so to arouse anger and frustration in you. Do not allow them to be successful in this endeavor. Instead, hold on to your anger. In this way, your humiliation bears no fruit for the person trying to humiliate you. This means that they have no power over you in which case, you have successfully turned the tables on them.

– You Should Not Dwell On It

Many unfortunate things happen to us on a daily basis. In future, unfortunate things will also happen. Therefore, it is unwise to focus on an unfortunate event when so many good things can come out of working towards a better future. To put it differently, humiliation is an unfortunate event but it does not determine your future. Get over it and focus on your future.

These are the main ways of dealing with humiliation. Use them and you will not have to hide from those who witnessed your embarrassment. Remember, events can also be humiliating. You can use these same strategies to cope with such events. Now you know what to do when you’ve been humiliated.