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Dr Emmily Bueno de Mesquita

Dr Emmily Bueno de Mesquita is both a passionate and compassionate doctor, wanting to better her patients’ quality of life. Although most of her medical training took place within Western culture, her personal cultural background has engraved her with a knowing that there is more to health than “just Western medicine” and medications. She is therefore open to other more (or less) traditional ways to influence, enhance and modify mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

She is delighted that science is slowly catching up in understanding how some of these other techniques aide our healing and recovery; making it more acceptable to “prescribe” (or refer to and or incorporate) yoga, mindfulness, naturopathy, massage therapy, family constellations, craniosacral therapy, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and energy healing practices, just to name a few. Let’s not forget ‘catching a wave’ here on the Gold Coast, either on your surfboard, paddle board or just going for a swim.

Dr Emmily Bueno de Mesquita has lived and worked in many different countries, providing her with valuable life and work experience. Her career in mental health, spanning more than 15 years, has involved working on acute inpatient wards, medical psychiatric units, outpatient clinics and in prisons to treat and support people suffering from psychotic and depressive episodes, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders and vulnerabilities in their personalities.

She strongly believes more emphasis should be placed on prevention of mental illness, which starts with maintaining/improving the mental health of our youngest ones; as such she has worked with pregnant women to both manage their mental health and the mental health of their infants after birth. She has a strong interest in attachment and trauma-based work, infant carer dyad mental health, and supporting the mental health of health professionals, including mood and anxiety
disorders, psychotic disorders and PTSD and stress related disorders.

She continues to work in the Gold Coast University hospital, where she is directly involved in clinical supervision of junior colleagues, providing education to medical and nursing students, providing and training people in reflective practice, facilitating weekly mindfulness sessions and she is part of several committees in which she advocates for compassionate, patient-centred and trauma-informed care. She is also a trained peer supporter for colleagues who are affected by vicarious trauma on the work floor.

Born in South America, raised in the Caribbean and trained in both Europe and Australia, she comes with a breath of multicultural exposure influencing her daily practice. She is openminded, kind, non- judgmental and creative in her approach to caring for you on your healing journey.