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At PRA we prefer our practitioners to be contractors on a service agreement.

Join Our Team

At PRA we have a vibrant, and highly skilled and experienced team of Psychologists and Psychiatrists. We are looking for experienced, compassionate and trauma informed practitioners or if you are less experienced you are highly motivated to learn from your colleagues. The benefits of being a member of the PRA team include:

  • We have a boutique clinic offering a relaxing space within 300 metres of the sands of Mermaid Beach and local cafés and restaurants.
  • We offer an active group Clinical CPD and peer supervision program.
  • We offer peer supervision 1:1 and in small groups.
  • We offer flexible working hours with our office hours ranging from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 7am to 3pm Saturdays so you can choose the hours you work.
  • Your administrative support team includes 2 Full-time staff and a Practice/Business Development Manager.
  • We offer a comprehensive on-boarding program to ensure that team members learn the operational ins and outs, and administrative tasks are streamlined, so you as the clinician can focus more on your clinical work


We prefer our team members to be contractors on a service agreement. In some cases we are agreeable to rental agreements especially for health providers other than Psychologists. We particularly have vacancies for Saturdays until 2pm. Attractive packages are available for room rental for half-day, and full-day with basic administrative support.

Rooms are a good size with large windows and with views to the park next door or to the skyline. There are eight offices, a lunch room, and a waiting room with a full-time receptionist. All rooms have been renovated. The building is located on the Gold Coast highway for easy access to local transport, and is one street from the beach.

Within the building there is a medical clinic, cardiovascular physician, pharmacy, pathology, dentist, optometrist and accountant. There is plenty of off-street and street parking available. Within walking distance there are a range of local shops including a postal office, newsagent, coffee shops and restaurants.

Please email our Practice Manager Wendy Rushton on (07) 5526 1212 or if you would like to have a chat about joining our team