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7 Anger Management Tips

Anger is something that is unpredictable and i can come out of nowhere, or stem from a long line of annoyances that have gone unaddressed. Everyone can and does feel anger from time to time. Whether you are a raging teenager or a disgruntled adult, there is no getting away from the natural emotion of anger. However, there are 7 anger management tips that you can use to get a grip on your emotions.

The emotion of anger is not a good one to experience, or show to others. It can sometimes make you seem much less appealing as a person and it can impact your private life, your work, or even your overall sense of well-being. This can be especially true when it starts to get in the way of your day to day life.

Take A Breath

When you find yourself angered, there is nothing more that you could do than simply take a deep breath and try to get control of your emotions and your body. Take a slow, deep breath, in and out. It really can be as simple as that.

In yoga, this is known as the cooling breath, which involves rolling the tongue and inhaling through your mouth and then out through your nose. It can help to cool and soothe those heated emotions.

Take A Break

No matter what it is that has set you off, you can take a quick break to get away fro the situation. The chances are good that if you are having an anger issue, you will need a good five to ten minute breather so that you can stop yourself from doing or saying anything that you will regret. While this is not a long term solution, it can be very helpful for calming your rage and giving you the space you need to clear your head.

Visualize The Calmness

When you are able to visualize a calming experience, you can actually transport yourself to somewhere else in your mind that will keep you from going over the edge in terms of anger. For example, think about a bath that is filled with steaming hot water. Physically visualize that you are cooling the water down until it is just right, nice and warm, without being too hot. This is a technique that gives you something to focus on that may surprise you.

Count To Ten

This is a proven technique known to work in a variety of occasions. The reasoning for this technique is that it can force you to calm your hear rate down, as well as your inner rage, while simply counting in a sequence that will build your self-awareness back up. You will be aware of your own anger, which will allow you to calm down because of it. Out of all of the 7 anger management tips, this one may be the most simple to do with the best result.

Channel Your Anger Elsewhere

Passion can be a wonderful thing. If there is something you are passionate about, you can channel your anger into it so that something positive comes out of it. For example, if you are an artist, you can turn to your paints, musical instruments, or whatever else you enjoy doing. Look at it as you will be creating something instead of destroying it with your anger.

Be Aggressive

While this may seem a bit counterproductive, you can use your anger and aggression by channeling it out into a constructive outlet. Go on a run, play a team sport, or even take a karate class. Some people like to take this extra aggression and use it around the house so that they can get some cleaning done, organize their closet space, or even through out a bunch of items that have been cluttering up the attic or the garage.

Move On, Help Others

There is a wonderful, rewarding feeling that comes from helping other people without a thought. If you are struggling to try to deal with your anger, you can go out and do something nice that will put your focus on other people and enjoy the rewards of putting a smile on someone’s face. This will not mean running a marathon, but you may find that something as simple as paying it forward while you are in line for your coffee in the morning, or giving up a good parking spot for someone else, can be a wonderful way to calm yourself.

You will find that there will never be one method in particular that works well for everyone. You may also have to try more than one of these 7 anger management tips in order to get the result that you are looking for. No matter what, these are all valuable tools that can leave you feeling less angry and moving on to happier days.

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