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How to Forgive People Who Hurt You

Forgiving people who hurt you is a challenge for many. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to respond to hatred with love and to let go of those bad things from your past. However, if you manage to give forgiveness, you have all the chances to live a better and happier life. This makes sense if we think that anger may harm you a lot.

If you think forgiveness is an attribute of saints, you may be happy to find out things are not quite like that. Even humans can find the power to forgive, but they need to be willing to unleash it. This article will show you a possible path to follow if you want to become more compassionate and find it easier to forgive those who have hurt you.

When you are angry about something or someone, you keep on thinking about that many times a day and even by night, when you go to bed. You may also be tempted to tell your story again and again to all your friends and perhaps to strangers sometimes. By repeating those negative facts, you amplify your bad feelings, so you stress yourself a lot over and over again. What do you think the other person is doing in the same time? The person who did you wrong and whom you can’t forgive may be peacefully enjoying life. Your hatred and anger can’t harm anyone else but yourself. Instead of refreshing your negative memories all the time, it would be better for you if you let the incident go and never think about it again.

Nobody says you need to maintain good relationships with the other person. You can forgive her and redefine the terms of your relationship. You can set your own boundaries and not let others cross them. You can learn how to be assertive without putting stress and pressure on yourself. No is also an answer and you should learn how to use it more in your life. By doing so, you are going to have less things to forgive, as very few people will even get to hurt you for real. Boundaries are the key to a good and positive life, without anger and hatred.

Forgiveness is a choice. You want to forgive others because you choose to do so. You are good as you are. If anyone betrays you in any way, that person doesn’t deserve any feelings from your side, not even hatred. Don’t invest your energy in hating other people, even if they did you wrong. Let them know, acknowledge your feelings and move on quickly. Life is too short to waste it with being negative. you don’t need anyone to be happy. For each person that doesn’t appreciate you at your real value, there might be a dozen you now ignore but you’d better start considering maintaining better relationships with. It’s a fact that humans can’t be changed unless they want to. This is why you want to be surrounded by people who like you exactly for what you are and not for what they want to turn you into.