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Learning How To Forgive People

They often say that forgiveness is the way to mend some broken feelings and to set yourself free from embittered resentment that will chip away at your heart for years. If you’re trying to learn how to forgive someone, we have you covered. Below we look at the two main ways to learn to how to forgive people for what they have done or said to you.

Accept An Apology And Make Amends

Some people may not deserve forgiveness for one reason or another, but most people are inherently good and would prefer to apologize and move on with a friendship instead of hashing out the same thing over and over again. If the person who slighted you offers sincere apologizes, then they are probably worth forgiving. If the apology is insincere or they don’t offer one at all, you can still forgive them in your heart. Sometimes it’s best to try to move on from a situation so it is not plaguing you every time you go to sleep. The more heinous the affront was, the harder this is, but in the end it’s worth it in order to be good to your heart and your ability to trust.

Know That Forgiveness Is For You, Not The Other Person

We often have the idea that forgiveness is something to be given to other people, but we must forgive ourselves as well. If a relationship cannot be salvaged and ties must be severed because of something that happened, then you may not want to forgive that person at all. Still, you should try, and in the process understand that this forgiveness is for you most of all. You are forgiving your heart and soul for carrying so much resentment around. You are freeing yourself, not just the other person who may have affronted you. Learning to let go is perhaps the single most important thing to realize when you’re dealing with hurt feelings and forgiveness.

It’s not easy learning to forgive people, especially if it does not come naturally to you. We understand that you may not be ready to forgive right now, but someday, perhaps a long time from now, you will be ready. When that time comes, you should keep the top two points to heart. If someone offers apologizes, take them. Also, always forgive yourself for being human and taking things the wrong way sometimes.