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Is Love A Drug That You Can Become Addicted To?

When you stop to think about the way that love can often make you feel, it will more than likely make you wonder whether or not love can be classified as a drug or not. Certainly, it is not a synthetic drug like any other substance that addicts would fall victim to. However, when you look at the ways that people will react to relationships, love sickness, longing for another and more it is easy to see why it would be looked at as a feeling that can turn into an addiction. If not cared for properly, your love addiction could start to work against you.

Looking at love overall, this is certainly a feeling that is worth fighting for. When you have true love, this is a more than a feeling and almost a way of living where you are fully conscious and aware of your affections for your special someone. If you are in a new relationship, it is important that you are able to look at the ways in which you are growing closer to your partner to make sure that you are looking at the bond in a healthy manner. All too often, one party could develop an unhealthy attraction or addiction for the lover who they have been spending time with. In these situations, it is easy to look at love as more of a drug than a state of mind.

To fully appreciate love, you will have to let down any walls that you have built up. Once your guard is down, you could run into a sticky situation where feelings and emotions can become damaged should problems arise. Quite often, those individuals who treat love as a drug will end up finding that this can be a situation where they will get hurt as they are going into love and lust full force. If they end up finding that the person that they are falling for does not have the same feelings, this can lead to a devastating time, which can almost be looked at as a crash and withdrawal period.

Is love a drug and should relationships be looked upon as feeding the addiction? Perhaps. However, you must be able to fall in love with your whole heart and your mind in order to feel what is a healthy relationship. There is no synthetic drug that can deliver exactly what the emotion of love can.